Bike Racks Galore!

Sorry you all haven’t heard from me in awhile. School is taking over my life, as well as the rising amounts of pollen in the air… But anyway, hopefully you’re excited to hear more about placemaking, specifically about bike racks! But if I have smothered you too much, this upcoming weekend I will be posting about Colonial Williamsburg, which will lead into my first interview! Yay!

Every town or city runs into the predicament of finding a placemkaing image for that represents their town or city as a whole. Once they find it, it can be represented on bumper stickers, benches, murals, buses, metros, or even bike racks. Some cities make a contest for the locals to input their ideas for designs, which turns out to be a great grassroots approach and is usually more cost effective. Plus, as you probably know by now, placemaking is a great way to create a sense of community and to involve the public, which we saw with the murals in Philadelphia. But today, I will be specifically focusing on examples of placemaking and bikes.

Here are some great examples of bike rack placemaking:



An interesting bike rack design at a Whole Foods in San Francisco, CA.

Coffee bike rack


A coffee cup bike rack in Seattle, WA.



A really cool bike parking app that Seattle, WA has for bikers to use on their iphones.



In Portland, OR bikers can store their bikes vertically to save space while traveling on the metro.



In Washington D.C., there are some very original bike rack designs, including stacks of colored paper clips and “bike here”.



Last but certainly not least are the nine contemporary art bike racks made by David Byrne, placed all around Manhattan and Brooklyn.


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